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 Dear Jim, 





I want to express my thanks and appreciation for providing our agents with a lively and beneficial seminar regarding personal finance. Your presentations were well received by all that attended. The younger agents of course will reap the most benefit from your knowledge and expertise. You proved that it is not late for some of us "old dogs" to learn a few new tricks before retirement. Your passion for this subject is clearly evident. You keep things lively and make all your presentations enjoyable and thought provoking. 

You connect very well with our agents. Your understanding of our work environment helps give you instant credibility. You have obviously taken the time and interest to learn about us as a work force. This feeling of trust allows for a more open mind when it comes to developing a "financial plan".


Your presentations were down to earth and in layman terms. Your examples on the various work sheets were easy to follow and understand. The work sheets allow us to refresh our memories when necessary and plug in our own personal information. Your honesty and integrity are the intangibles that obviously differentiate you and Financial Solutions from so many others in this field. 




Joseph C. Rayball Jr. 

Field Operations Supervisor 

Chula Vista Border Patrol Station 

619-662-7233 #515 


Dear Frank: 


I would like to thank you for your presentation on Legal Lessons for Life at Nokia. Your presentation was well received by all that attended. The feedback I have received from our employees have all been positive. 

We look forward to working with you again in the future. 


Best Regards, 


Vivian Kitten 

Employee Services 


12278 Scripps Summit Dr., San Diego, CA 92131 

Tel: 858/831-5000 

Fax: 858


 Century 21 Real Estate LLC 

One Campus Drive 

Parsippany. New Jersey 07054 


Dear Century 21® Broker: 

As you know, the key to building any successful real estate practice is having enough qualified prospects. We have created a unique relationship with The Society for Financial Awareness (SOFA) in order to help you do just that. SOFA is a non-profit, 50l(c) (3) speaker's bureau of various professionals who present to companies and organizations on a pro bono basis. Members of SOFA speak on specialized topics such as "Getting Fiscally Fit", "What Debt Really Costs", and "Cash Management". The presentations are given to interested individuals during "lunch and learn" (brown bag) educational workshops. 

By becoming a SOFA member, you will align yourself with a respected organization, as well as gain visibility and a higher profile in your community as you present educational workshops on behalf of the association. 


A key benefit of SOFA membership is that instead of prospecting individually, or in a small group, it enables the speaker to be in front of 20-40 people for an hour. According to SOFA, their speakers' average response rate is more than 60% per workshop- which offers quite a positive client-building opportunity for the speaker. 

SOFA also provides each member with a chance to create valuable and synergistic working relationships with members of other professions, such as estate planning attorneys, CP As, mortgage brokers, insurance agents, and wellness professionals. With each member's help, SOFA workshops present a tremendous marketing opportunity to al I SOFA members by linking each member with vast business opportunities. 


Indeed, SOFA membership offers a unique, cost-effective way to grow your business, and along with our other products and services, provides your office with a suite of tools to help you contribute to our CENTURY 21 system wide goal of one Million closed sides in 2005. For more information, or to join, please visit 



Thomas Kunz 

President and CEO 

A Cendant Company 


This past weekend Collier County Public Schools had the honor of having Ms. Marilyn Prevoir with Monamie Wealth & Retirement participate in our first annual Financial Wellness Fair. Ms. Prevoir was assigned to us after submitting an inquiry for a local speaker to present an educational workshop on investing.

The information Ms. Prevoir presented in our "Investing Basics workshop was well received by our employees. We have received positive feedback from our employees on the workshop content and Ms. Prevoir's presentation. She was a delight to have and her participation was greatly appreciated.

I would like to thank SOFA for providing such a beneficial service to our community through these educational workshops, and for working with professionals like Ms. Prevoir to help educate our employees. What an invaluable service!

Jeanna I. Sims
Specialist, Benefits & Wellness


QUALCOMM Incorporated 

5775 Morehous11 Drive 

San Diego, CA 92121-1714 

(858) 587-1121 


Dear SOFA Staff: 

I'd like to take a moment to thank you for seminar series you've been putting on here at QUALCOMM Inc. From ·a programmer planner's standpoint, you have been wonderful to work witn, making my job easy by putting forth a great product with relatively little effort on my part. 

From a participant's standpoint. you have been even better. The seminars have been informative and professionally conducted, with a just the right amount of informality to make participants 

comfortable. The sessions have been popular and well received by the employees here. I look forward to our continued relationship in bringing even more financial planning seminars to the employees at QUALCOMM Inc. 

Tom Wagner 

HR Specialist 


5501 Oberlin Drive 

San Diego. California 92121 

619 453 8030 


I wish to thank you for the series of financial planning semin2rs you presented at Mycogen. The varied topics from investments to estate planning. Truly assisted our employees with becoming responsible for their financial future. The presentations were done with no sales pressure. as we have experienced, with other seminars. and were presented in a format that was easy to understand for all employees. The speakers you provided were all well versed on the subject 

matter. I look forward to working with you again in the near future. If you wish to contact me, my home address and telephone number is:


8437 Whelan Dr. San Diego. CA 92119,

Tel #619- 697-3840.

Again thank you for a gre3.t series of seminars. 



Frank Georgia 

Human Resources Manager 

Mycogen Corporation 

Dear Jim, 

I can’t tell you enough what a pleasure it was having you at our staff meeting this morning! Your topic, "Getting Fiscally Fit", was informative and well received by those in attendance. 

Whenever I receive positive feedback from staff and management, long after the presenter has left, I know I have accomplished my goal of providing an educational and entertaining staff meeting. 


Thank you, Jim, for providing us the avenue to educate our staff members on the importance of having a personal financial blueprint. We, in the credit union industry only know too well the financial problems our members encounter. The credit union philosophy is "people helping people" and if we can pass on the information we gained through your presentation to our members, then we have 

done our job. I am grateful we had the opportunity to "join forces" and I look forward to the possibility of having you speak at future staff meetings. 


Pennv Sandifer 

Vice President, Administration 

Marine Corps West Federal Credit Union 

It has been our pleasure to work with Walt Cameron, a representative of SOFA (The Society for Financial Awareness), in holding money management and financial planning seminars for our employees.

Walt Cameron comes with a plethora of knowledge and many years of experience in the field of finance, and has been very helpful in educating our employees in various aspects of money management. He is a very engaging speaker, loaded with energy and enthusiasm.

We appreciate our relationship with Mr. Cameron, and look forward to receiving more education and knowledge as he lends his expertise in financial matters.

Mitchelle Courtney
Corporate Benefits Coordinator
Integrity Home Care


Many thanks to you and your father, George, for the Retirement and Estate Planning Strategies Workshop you conducted at the Acton Council on Aging yesterday.

We had such a large audience for a daytime program and many attendees commented on how useful the information was and how it gave them a lot to think about. You both were so patient in answering questions, even from those who interrupted you! We appreciate how you explain complicated things in a way that is easy to understand and give a lot of real-life examples from your client experiences that people can relate to. We felt reassured by the fact that you were here as part of SOFA’s speakers bureau as so often people who present on financial subjects are trying to sell something or aggressively gather new clients.

Thank you again and hope you will return in the future for another presentation!

Bonny Wilbur
Program Supervisor

I have had the privilege of working with the Society for Financial Awareness and Jim Toddy since July of 2014. Our public library staff wanted to expand its offerings of engaging, valuable programs for adults, especially in the area of financial literacy. After looking at other libraries and contacting SOFA, we were put in touch with Jim Toddy.

At every part of the process, Jim has acted with integrity, professionalism, and a wealth of knowledge. He understood that our adult programs were in a formative stage and was very willing to assist us with outreach. Jim always acted within the boundaries of our guidelines for presenters, yet was open to providing extra attention to those with specific questions. His audience grew, and has brought in repeat attendees. Today, Mr. Toddy’s programs remain a much-appreciated aspect of our adult programming menu.

We have been very glad to work with Jim Toddy and SOFA over the past months, and look forward to continuing his programming series.

Shelley Reddy
Adult Services Program Coordinator
Queen Creek Library
Maricopa County Library District

I’m writing to thank you and your father, George, for the informative (and fun!) presentation you gave last week on New Retirement Planning Strategies here at the Concord Council on Aging.

We had an excellent turn out for the event, and I appreciated the time you and your father took to answer all of the questions our seniors had for you. You were able to convey fairly sophisticated financial planning concepts in a manner that folks with no financial background were able to understand. At times the topic was, by necessity, somewhat depressing – end of life planning, wills, beneficiaries – but you were able to keep the conversation light while giving those in attendance the information they needed.

Many of the people who attended the presentation made a point of thanking me for inviting you here to speak. I want to add my thanks to you both for delivering such an informative presentation!

Bonny Wilbur

Program Supervisor


Thank you on behalf of the Londonderry Senior Center and the seniors who were present for your workshop on retirement planning strategies. The presentation was well attended and very informative. The seniors found the information helpful and greatly appreciated your interpretation and down to earth style of educating them. I would highly recommend that others attend this “education, no selling” workshop.


Catherine M. Bash

Senior Affairs Director

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