Public Workshops

In contrast to the Company/Organization format, this second type of workshop is solely designed around individuals or groups, and are conducted on an "exclusive or invitation-only" basis. Often done in a public setting, i.e. libraries, places of worship, union halls, or restaurants. The main difference of this format, unlike the companies and organizations, is SOFA seldom creates an on-going series to the attendee. These workshops are usually “singular” in nature, often one topic delivered by one presenter.

As far as workshop benefits apply to the attendees, both formats apply:
    • A feeling of confidence and empowerment is brought forth.
    • The opportunity to enjoy an uplifting, fast paced, and informational hour continues to be achieved.
    • A licensed professional, expert in their field, as the presenter sharing their knowledge and experiences.
    • A 1-hour. fact filled, inspired talk directing the attendees to take charge of their personal financial challenges.
    • Lastly, the opportunity provided to the seminar attendee to have a no obligation consultation, with the presenter, to discuss their personal financial affairs.