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Alec’s first job on Wall Street was in 1994 at Goldman Sachs Asset Management Department. He has worked at big firms and boutique shops. He was trained by a 40 year veteran in the industry. Our team of CFPs and 5 Money Managers have over 100 years experience. He has a book, “Retire Like a Shark,” co-authored with Kevin Harrington (Shark Tank fame) and a Podcast, “The Financial Fundamentals Show.” Alec’s wife is a mortgage banker, parents were award winning economists, uncle is an entrepreneur, grandfather ran a foundation, brother is a day trader… lifetime conversations about how to make money! Alec is personally invested in some of the same types of financial instruments he recommends to his clients. Alec holds his AIF® designation, “Accredited Investment Fiduciary”, CRC® Designation, “Certified Retirement Counselor,” and his ChFC® designation, “Chartered Financial Consultant”
He attended the University of Wisconsin, Madison. For Post-grad work, The American College of Financial Services. He is licensed to sell securities, insurance and real estate. Alec is religious, he enjoys family time, travel, “foodie,” fitness, reading, foreign films, music, concerts. He volunteers/donates to organizations like Foot on Foot, Habitat for Humanity, ASPCA, St. Jude Children’s Research Center.