Bonita K. Bell-Andersen, CLU, ChFC

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Financial Advisor and Investor Coach

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Getting Fiscally Fit; Mind Over Money (psychology and behaviors around money); Optimizing Your Social Security; Cybersecurity and Identity Theft; Getting Ready to Retire; Baby Boomers Guide to Medicare; Baby Boomers Guide to 401-k and IRA Planning; The Guide to Taxes and Your Retirement; Baby Boomer's Guide to Legacy Planning (wills, transferring assets)

Bonita K Bell-Andersen, CLU, ChFC is an author, investor coach, and financial advisor, focusing on the science of investing and financial education. She is joining the FFC team to create educational experiences and utilize platforms and tools that make Nobel Prize-winning investing processes accessible to all investors and their families, with the goal of transforming their relationship to money.

She is the author of “Suddenly Wealthy”, which was launched in 2021, and two co-authored books “You Are a Genius” (which was an Amazon #1 International Best Seller), and “Secrets of a Stress-Free Retirement (How to Make Sure You Don’t Outlive Your Nest Egg)”.

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, she is the mother of three successful daughters and frequently spends time with her ten grandchildren. She is a golfer, and a member of the LPGA, enjoying recreational golf as often as allows. She is also an avid scuba diver, enjoying adventures around the world, and now focusing her trips on coral reef restoration projects, her passion related to giving back to the world. She splits her time between the Pacific Northwest in the summer and the St George, UT area in the winter.