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Diana Ciampoli

3655 Ruffin Rd. Ste 230

San Diego




Financial Educator, Director of Membership Services at The Society for Financial Awareness

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Diana Ciampoli, a San Diego native, has a deep connection to this beautiful city. Born and raised here, she now resides in Ramona, CA. Diana’s professional journey led her to SOFA, where she has served as the Director of Membership Services since 2016. Her role involves fostering relationships and ensuring the satisfaction of SOFA’s Members and the thousands of Companies that SOFA does workshops for.

As of 2024, Diana has opened up to becoming a public educator to the very community that helped shape her. Her journey has been closely intertwined with Jim Chilton, the CEO and Founder of the Society for Financial Awareness (SOFA). Jim has been her mentor for years, guiding her along the way.

Diana is passionate about providing Financial Education to the community. She recognizes that knowledge is a powerful weapon, especially when it comes to financial matters. By empowering both the young and the old with essential financial literacy, Diana is equipping them to navigate life’s financial challenges with confidence and foresight.

Diana, a devoted mother who wears many hats. She’s not only a sports enthusiast, cheering on her sons Nicco and Dallas at baseball and football, but also a community advocate. As the Vice President of the Ramona Pop Warner Board, she dedicates her time to fostering community connections and supporting young athletes.

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