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For more than 20 years Darrin has been teaching the importance of avoiding financial
losses rather than trying to pick the next hot stock or investment. Clients learn that the
most expensive losses occur through wealth transfers, and Darrin teaches how to
eliminate such losses.

Furthermore, his core belief as a financial planner is that different competencies are
required to help pre-retirees and retirees than those needed to assist younger clients
who are concentrating on accumulating retirement assets. To help in this effort, Darrin
holds the Retirement Income Certified Professional designation (RICP®).

Therefore, if you are already retired or planning to retire, you need to select a well-
trained, educated, and qualified financial professional to help you develop a

comprehensive retirement plan that is tailored for your unique needs. As an RICP®
designee, Darrin can help you accomplish this.

Some of the benefits that a client realizes by working with Darrin are building a
comprehensive retirement income plan, helping select the optimal retirement age,
making the appropriate social security claiming decision, and obtaining the proper
health care coverage relating to Medicare. He also helps them plan for risks associated
with retirement such as the uncertainly of longevity, inflation, and navigating the
investment climate.

Additionally, Darrin is a Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU®). This indicates that he
possesses special knowledge in leveraging life insurance as part of a successful
financial or estate plan. As a CLU®, Darrin is committed to professional and ethical best
practices and must recertify this commitment annually.

As a licensed fiduciary, Darrin is obligated to put the needs of his clients first and
foremost. This is a much higher standard of financial planning than the typical
suitability standard which only requires that financial recommendations be suitable
for the client.

When not securing his clients’ financial future, Darrin serves as a ruling elder at his
church and assists in governing the affairs of that community. Darrin and his wife
Robin are happily married and have a lovely daughter, Emily, a recent graduate of the
University of Washington.

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