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Karl Joern

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15 years ago, life was rocking along well. I was game-fully employed in the Energy Industry making over a 6-figure salary, my spouse and I had just purchased a home to fit our family until we retired, and we were living the American dream with our 2 daughters and son. Our kids where bright with college in their futures, and all three were active athletes in swimming and water polo.
The perfect storm hit, over the next 15 years a different life emerged from the one I thought was going to be our future. Remodeling of our new home took a hit when both, a home remodeling contractor and a landscape contractor, defaulted leaving us with twice the original expense to finish both projects.
Our youngest, son, went on a national water polo trip and was assaulted by other members of his team, leading to a 5-year legal battle. Our middle child no longer wanted to be a college student athlete. Our oldest child changed college career paths. Vicki and I paid for two weddings and three college educations. Vicki's parents moved in with us. And I lost my high paying job.
I understand what can happen in short order to a family financially.
As an advisor I help clients prepare for the unexpected. I enjoy working with those who care for the most vulnerable in our society because they tirelessly put their needs on the back burner for those they care for. I want to make sure when an issue arises, I am there to help our clients from a financial perspective.

Karl Joern is a registered investment adviser representative with Impact Partnership Wealth, LLC, an SEC registered investment adviser.

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