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Peyton R. Hawkes

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Financial Planner

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Allocation & Modern Portfolio Theory
College Planning
Exploring Your Options for a Quality Retirement
Getting Fiscally Fit
Financial Blunders
Getting Your Financial House in Order
Social Security Explained
Investment Concerns in a Fragile Market
Issues of Aging Parents
How to Increase Your Health and Wellness
Strategies for a Sustainable Income in Retirement
Tax Planning
Understanding 401k Rollovers
Women Approaching Retirement and Beyond

Hawkes Wealth Management began as Russell Hawkes Associates in 1981. Russell was my father, and I joined him in his firm in 1987. My dad's background included the insurance industry, where he was always planning-oriented, and wanted to help people in a very broad sense, rather than simply recommending products. He was also very equity-oriented, and designed plans to encourage saving in mutual funds. He had a brief 3 year hiatus from finance to start the BC Pops orchestra, which was a fun and engaging project that he thoroughly enjoyed.

In the early years of our firm, we were very planning focused. We always tried to account for retirement, college costs, taxes, insurance, and estate planning in a comprehensive way. We were an independent brokerage and insurance office, so we could actually implement these plans by selling products like mutual funds to our clients.

In 1995, we completed the conversion to a fee-only business model. We wanted to eliminate the conflicts of interest that come with commissions, and the transaction-oriented nature of product sales. In those early days, this was not an easy task; the financial services industry was not really geared up to serve the fiduciaries we were. But, thanks to our affiliation with NAPFA, we became part of the movement to be genuine advisors to clients, instead of product salespeople.

These days, it is clear that the industry has shifted to our vision of serving clients. Although the industry has fought a fiduciary standard of conduct? We have embraced it, and built our services on the radical notion that client needs come first and foremost. Now there are custodians and planning platforms designed specifically to serve the Registered Investment Advisory community, and all we can say is? It's about TIME!

Today, Hawkes Wealth Management strives to provide a modern, conflict-free, planning-oriented and client-focused service. We would like to be YOUR resource for establishing a financial plan, creating a strategy appropriate to you, and to put together an investment strategy that truly reflects your needs and goals. And then? To be there for you through the years. As markets move, and tax laws change, and investment opportunities arise and fade away, we will be paying attention. As your family moves through their life cycle, we will be the one place that understands the big picture.

As an advisor I knew there was something else I could do to help my community, so I made the decision to Join SOFA as a Public Educator and give back some of the knowledge I have gained in the years as a Financial Planner. Today I am providing Educational Workshops to my community through Companies, Places of Worship and Service Organizations and If you would like to have me present at your venue, please do not hesitate to contact me. It would be my pleasure to serve you!

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