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4695 MacArthur Court, #1100

Newport Beach




About Me
Workshops Offered

Asset Allocation & Modern Portfolio Theory, Budgeting and Debt Elimination, College Planning, Exploring Your Options for a Quality Retirement, Financial Blunders - Lessons We Never Learn, Getting Fiscally Fit, Getting Your Financial House in Order, Investing Basics for Women, Investment Concerns in a Fragile Market, Is a Roth IRA Right for You, Life Insurance and You, Preparing for Long Term Care, Roth IRA - America's Next New Tax Break, Strategies for a Sustainable Income in Retirement, Understanding 401K Rollovers, Understanding Critical Disability Issues, Women Approaching Retirement and Beyond

I am a successful wealth manager that loves public speaking and educating others on general financial principles.\r\n\r\nI have been working alongside SOFA for a number of years now and have a great longstanding relationship with the companies that utilize SOFA's unique educational tools.

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