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Christian D'Urso

Member - Portland, OR

I wanted to give you an update on my experience with the Society for Financial Awareness and thank SOFA for their on-going dedication to financial literacy. In the eight months I have been actively involved with the organization I have had the opportunity to speak to a few hundred people at their place of business. What I have found has been eye opening, financial illiteracy is running rampant in our communities. People are not keeping budgets and tracking their expenses, they have no emergency fund, credit card debt is growing and investment assets are not diversified and well matched with their time horizon, objectives, and risk tolerance. But change is possible and the success stories are starting to come in one by one, a budget created, a credit card cut up, a strategy for debt elimination established, a portfolio re-balanced. Even though the responsibility of educating a community is huge I see the benefit of doing so and have shared in the ancillary benefit of gaining increased visibility as a financial professional. Being a part of SOFA is giving me the opportunity to give back to my community and improve my public speaking skills.



David Lumiqued

Member - Pasadena, CA

SOFA has given us in the ICM Pasadena office the opportunity to reach out to the community and places that can benefit most from our seminars and topics. From Hospitals (White Memorial), Senior Centers (Jocelyn Center, Alhambra, Regency at the Fair Oaks), Libraries (Arroyo Seco, Alhambra, Colton, etc.), Colleges (Cal State L.A.) and many more to come in the near future. Most H.R. or employers welcome the opportunity to educate and serve the needs of their business, school, or center when available.



Jerry Guttman

Member - Phoenix, AZ

Being in the financial industry for over 25 years, I have yet to come across any program that rivals SOFA. I can honestly say that choosing to become involved with this program has changed the lives of many participating individuals. If I had to single out just one facet of my occupation that brings me the most joy, I would say it is educating others and empowering them to control their financial future.



Barbara Walker

Member - Culver City, CA

I've been a member since 2008 and I have to tell you that SOFA has been an invaluable part of my business. Back in 2008, because of SOFA I landed a deal to have an ongoing agreement with the Disney Corporation to provide lunch and learn financial literacy workshops. This has been invaluable to my business and again I highly recommend SOFA because without SOFA and their non-profit status, I could have never landed that deal.


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