Companies & Organizations

There are many "perks" to attending a SOFA workshop. Attendees come away not only informed, but entertained, as well as inspired to take control of their personal finances. We provide helpful worksheets and handouts for the participants. Again, the morale of your people skyrockets! Your participants in these workshops will gain a greater understanding of their finances and will walk away with needed options of how to fulfill and solve their financial challenges... all while having an enjoyable hour!

Your people will gain three key benefits:

     • The morale of your attendees often is dynamically raised.
     • The hosting company/organization favorably positions themselves to their group by creating a "value-add" to their workshop attendees.
     • By hosting SOFA workshops, with a variety of speakers and topics, your group is able to identify a                possible needed resource (topic or speaker) to assist them in solving their own individual financial challenges.

Companies providing "non-proprietary" information (generic and non-sales) through SOFA workshops fulfill the Department of Labor's ERISA 404c Requirement!