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87% of teens report their parents are their main source of financial education, while more than 56% of married couples
report having serious problems related to their finances.
(Moneymanagement.com & Charles Schwab Foundation)
Revisiting the Basics to Ensure Everyone's Financial Future.
September 29, 2016   |   Category: Money and Credit   |   Author: Tom Anderson
The second longest bull market in history has lulled Main Street into complacency. U.S. investors expect their portfolios to generate an 8.5 percent return annually over the long term after inflation. Financial advisors said a 5.9 percent return is more reasonable, according to new research by Natixis Global Asset Management. The mismatched expectations could mean investors are saving less than they should to reach their retirement goals. And it appears to be a global problem. Individual investors, on average, said they would need to earn an annual return of 8.5 percent above inflation to achieve their investment goals. And 70 percent of those investors said they can realistically reach that level of return over the long term. Millennials are even more optimistic, with investors between the ages of 18 and 34 expecting...
November 6, 2015   |   Category: College Planning / Loans   |   Author: Michael Schramm
Midterms might be over, but the thought of final exams has many students are stressing already. But some students ó to the dismay of many ó arenít sweating their knowledge on financial literacy. The reality is that most students arenít making the grade when it comes to learning about personal finance. According to U.S. Bankís recent survey, 65% of students gave themselves a C, D or F when considering whether they can successfully manage their finances and money. One solution to this problem? More education in the classroom. One proponent of this solution is Jim Chilton, founder and president of the Society of Financial Awareness. With 35 years of financial advising experience, heís shocked that his children...

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September 10, 2015
Bank of Montreal said Thursday it had agreed to acquire General Electric Capital Corp.ís transportation-finance business operations in a multi-billion-dollar deal, bolstering its commercial-banking business and expanding its U.S. footprint. ...
August 11, 2015
Capital One Financial Corp. said it will buy a health-care financing business owned by General Electric Co. for $9 billion, marking a new direction by the firm better known for...