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SHRM Recertification Provider CP-SCP Seal 2022_2.png
SOFA has been a National Member of SHRM for over a decade

Our values coincide with SHRM, providing Financial Literacy Programs to enhance “Employee Engagement”, at Companies all across America. 

SOFA’s Members provide 2 distinct Services to the H.R.’s of SHRM… 

1. Bringing to that specific Company on-going Financial topics, delivered by SOFA Members who are in that specific field- providing years of experience and familiarity of knowledge, sharing their wisdom with the Attendees who are interested in that information


2. As a SHRM Recertification Provider, SOFA Members provide Workshop Seminars- specifically to H.R.’s- who are in need of Continuing Education- called PDC’s- Professional Development Credits. 


By sharing in this co-joined dynamic- SOFA’s collaboration with SHRM HR’s - a true “value add” to all, is continually spreading Financial Literacy throughout our Country. A definite win-win for those participating. 

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