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Free Financial Education for Federal Employees

Free Financial Wellness Education for Federal Employees from a trusted 501(c)(3) organization. We do Educational Seminars and Webinars for Federal Agencies like the U.S. Mint, USDA | National Agricultural Statistics Service, US Bureau of the Census, National Security Agency, Department of Energy, and hundreds more....

Understanding Your Options for Your Federal Benefits

What we cover in our workshop:

Retirement planning for federal employees is unique.  As a Federal Employee, you have one of the most complex benefits systems around. It is also one of the best, if you can learn to navigate all of the rules, regs and unique twists and turns. SOFA can help!

Agency Testimonies

Timothy Brien

Management/Program Analyst

U.S. Customs and Border Protection


 I just wanted to take some time out of my day to say thank you for the support your team has given us for the past three years since I started at Customs and Border Protection. When the pandemic hit we had to close down our in person Financial Wellness Fair, but when I contacted SOFA and spoke with Diana and Nick Ibello, I was amazed at all of the topics you covered and how flexible your team was to using a different platform to present the information. What I really enjoyed was how Nick and Brian worked with me to craft a Virtual Fair on topics that my employees needed. Our first Virtual Fair went off without a hitch and we had over 1000 employees attend. After that first Virtual Fair we started having SOFA webinars quarterly and due to popular demand we are almost at monthly webinars. Every time we run a SOFA webinar, we have at least 100 emails commending the presentation, for me that is gold because my employees took time out of their busy days to let us know they really appreciated the information. We are looking at expanding these offerings for in-person events at our Field Offices so that we can address their particular needs. I cannot recommend SOFA highly enough for your employees because the SOFA team will work with you and your specialized needs and every time they deliver actionable information. Even if you are using a service for Financial Wellness, I recommend adding on some SOFA webinars or in person events to supplement your current programs offerings.

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