Seminar Topics

Asset Allocation & Modern Portfolio Theory
  •  Planning your investments against interest rate, inflation, and market risks.

  •  Planning that you don't outlive your money.

  •  Utilizing Asset Allocation to plan to meet your       short, mid, and long term goals.

  •  Putting the financial pieces in place.


Estate Planning
  •  Distribution of estate, wills, and trusts.

  •  Specific estate planning strategies.

  •  The purpose of estate planning.

  •  Avoiding probate.


Financial Blunders – Lessons We Never Learn
  • How to avoid losing up to 40% of your retirement plan on the day you walk away.

  • How naive we are in understanding the market…great opportunities, great risks.

  • How to "preserve" and "protect" our assets against a plunging market.

  • The bank: is it the place to "save" money?


Getting Fiscally Fit
  •  Basic principles of cash management.

  •  Roadblocks to financial success.

  •  Accumulating wealth.

  •  The importance of having a financial blueprint.

  •  Locating & maximizing discretionary income.


Investing Basics for Women
  •  Know yourself - identifying your characteristics.

  •  Some of the risks and returns of investing.

  •  Budgeting and debt management.

  •  The different types of investments.

  •  Planning for your retirement.


Is a Roth IRA Right for You?
  •  How to reduce your Social Security income included as taxable income.

  •  How to provide heirs with a lifetime of income tax-free distribution.

  •  Strategies to help reduce the impact of the conversion tax.

  •  How to reduce your future income taxes.


Life Insurance and You
  •  Life Insurance 101.

  •  Who needs Life Insurance?

  •  What are the types of Life Insurance?

  •  How can Life Insurance be used?

  •  How do I file a claim?

  • Maximizing the Right M


Preparing for Long Term Care
  •  Who pays for Extended Care?

  •  What is Extended Care?

  •  Who may need Extended Care or Long Term Care insurance?

  •  What about Medicaid or Medicare?


Refinancing Your Mortgage 101
  •  Finding the right loan for you.

  •  Debt consolidation loan.

  •  Mortgage myths.

  •  Key questions.


College Planning
  •  How to address the high cost of college.

  •  Developing a college investment plan.

  •  The new Educational IRA.

  •  Maximizing financial aid.

  •  Investment alternatives.

Exploring Your Options for a Quality Retirement
  • Looking at your options at distribution time from a  company retirement plan.

  • Understand the impact of erosion through inflation & taxation.

  • Proper steps in reviewing 401K performance.

  • Why plan design is critical.


First Time Home Buyers - Issues of Real Estate
  •  First time buyers money saving secrets.

  •  8 tips every buyer must know.

  •  6 deadly sins to avoid when buying a home.

  •  Finding the right loan for you.

  •  Keys in financing your home.

  •  The power of interest only.


Getting Your Financial House in Order
  •  What is "debt roll down" and how it works for the average consumer buried in debt.

  •  Different financial tactics to pay down or pay off your home mortgage early.

  •  How to use your tax refund to possibly eliminate debt.

  •  The pros and cons of the bi-weekly mortgage.


I.D. Theft
  •  How do they get my personal information?

  •  What to do if you're the victim?

  •  What do they do with it?

  •  Steps to prevent fraud.

  •  Warning signs.

Legal Lessons for Life
  •  The best way to hold title to the home and protect it from creditors.

  •  Uniform Gift to Minors Act - does it help or hurt your children?

  •  Select the guardians for your children.

  •  Use a living trust to eliminate probate delays, costs and legal fees.

  •  Minimize your estate tax exemptions.


Maximizing the Right Mortgage Strategies in Today's Market
  •  Purchasing your first or second home.

  •  100% financing - yes it can still be done.

  •  Refinancing, is it still a good idea?

  •  Refinancing, is it still a good idea?

  •  Foreclosures, what to look for.


Real Money - Real Estate
  • Market smart investments every seller should know.

  • Tips and basic strategies for buying rental properties.

  • How to avoid the 10 biggest selling mistakes.

  • How to sell a home in today's market.


Reverse Mortgages
  •  Get the truth and facts about how a Reverse Mortgage can improve your life.

  •  Can I leave my house to my children and still have a Reverse Mortgage?

  •  Does the bank take away from your house?

  •  What can you use the money for?


Roth IRA - America's Next New Tax Break
  •  Avenue to shield Social Security income from taxation.

  •  Protect retirement and beneficiary assets from RMD's.

  •  Create tax risk diversifications in retirement.

  •  Advanced tax and estate management.


Social Security Explained
  •  Type of benefits are you eligible to receive.

  •  Difference between full retirement age and delayed retirement.

  •  Filing for benefits.

  •  Retirement planning strategies.

  •  Annuity type distinction.


Strategies for a Sustainable Income in Retirement
  •  Establish retirement goals.

  •  Estimating retirement income.

  •  Tax advantaged savings vehicles.

  •  Investment considerations.


Investment Concerns in a Fragile Market
  •  The U.S. Economy is heating up, learn how to grow your money wisely.

  •  Why "down" markets create investment "opportunities" for the wise investor.

  •  The "cash flow" eliminator, spending before planning is "terminal" to investing.

  •  Do you know what you're doing when you invest?


  • Discussed the Budgeting Process

  • Proper Goal Setting

  • Building an Emergency Fund

  • Investment Options for your Future