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Seminar Topics

Asset Allocation & Modern Portfolio Theory

  • Planning your investments against interest rate, inflation, and market risks

  • Planning that you don’t outlive your money

  • Utilizing Asset Allocation to plan to meet your short-, mid- and long-term goals

  • Putting the Financial pieces in place

Estate Planning

  • Distribution of Estate, Wills and Trusts

  • Specific Estate Planning Strategies

  • The Purpose of Estate Planning

  • What is Probate and why should you avoid it

Our Behavior: The Foundation of Our Choices

  • 97% of Americans do not have a written plan for their finances

  • Ready-fire-aim mentality, needs to stop especially when it comes to your money

  • Our behavior dictates how we act

Exploring Your Options for a Quality Retirement

  • Looking at Financial Personalities

  • The High Cost of Debt and Dealing with it

  • Things to consider when planning for Retirement

  • Why creating income streams is so important

College Planning

  • Planning of time before college begins

  • Where will the money come from to pay for college?

  • The difference between Financial Aid, Grants and Loans

  • College Saving Plans Benefits and Limitations

Getting Fiscally Fit

  • Overcoming and Understanding our Financial Challenges

  • Why creating an Emergency Fund is so Important?

  • Understanding the High Cost of Credit

  • Gaining Control Through Budgeting

First Time Home Buyers

  • Understanding the process for buying a new Home

  • First Time Home Buyers Money Saving Secrets

  • What to avoid when buying a Home

  • Understanding different Mortgage Types

Social Security Explained

  • What is Social Security?

  • Who is Eligible and at what age?

  • What is a Defined Benefit Plan and who contributes?

  • What are the different types of Annuities?

Financial Blunders – That Self Defeat US

  • The Financial Mistakes commonly made with our Money

  • Why Saving Money is so important

  • Credit Cards – Why not to use them

  • Why you should want to plan for a healthy financial future

Investing Basics for Women

  • Why Women Make for Better Investors

  • Different Types of Investments

  • Understanding Risk & Return

  • Planning for Retirement

Getting Your Financial House in Order

  • Using Sound Financial Principles

  • Different Types of Mortgages to Consider when buying a Home

  • Saving Through Bi-Weekly Mortgage Payments

  • How to Manage the Equity You Build in Your Home

Investment Concerns in a Fragile Market

  • Reviewing Common Repetitive Investor Scenarios

  • Key Ingredients to Investing

  • A Few Facts to know when you are Investing

  • Things to know when the Stock Market is in a Decline

Issues of Aging Parents

  • Understanding the Issues of Aging Parents

  • What is Long Term Care?

  • Have you done your Estate Planning?

  • The Importance of having your Affairs in Order

Strategies for a Sustainable Income in Retirement

  • Preparation for a Successful Retirement

  • The Average Cost of Long Term Care and Life Expectancy

  • Discussing Investment, Risks and Interest Rates

  • Should you Consider a “Bucket” Approach?

How to Increase Your Health and Wellness

  • Health Care Trends

  • Common Health Scares

  • The Definition of Wellness

  • Causes of Preventable Death in the US

Refinancing Your Mortgage 101

  • Refinancing Flow Chart Example

  • Why Should you Refinance?

  • What is the Right Loan for you?

  • Understanding Mortgage Myths

Legal Lessons for Life

  • Making Legal Plans for Yourself

  • What is a Conservatorship?

  • The Importance of Planning for Your Family’s Future

  • What is the Living Trust Concept?

Understanding Your Options for Your Federal Benefits

  • Why the need for ongoing benefits education is crucial for every Federal employee's future. 

  • A simple breakdown of benefits for FERS and CSRS employees -- and how they work. 

  • Exploring your options for a secure retirement while working and when leaving your Federal career. 

  • How investing in your TSP vs. just saving can make a big difference in your retirement income. 

  • Questions to ask about how major life changes or separation from service affects you and your family. 

  • Your options for taking distributions from your TSP. 

  • How to calculate your pension benefit under FERS and CSRS. 

Tax Planning

  • The Importance of Tax Planning and Preparation

  • Understanding Deductions and Exemptions

  • What are some Tax Planning Considerations?

  • Common Tax Filing Errors

You and Your Credit Score

  • What is a Credit Score and Why Does It Matter?

  • Scoring Factors

  • What is in Your Credit Report?

  • 5 Steps to Improve Your Credit Score

Understanding 401k Rollovers

  • Where Will Your Money Come From?

  • How Much Money Will You Need?

  • Taking The Money – Pro’s and Con’s

  • The Benefits of Asset Allocation

Understanding Life Insurance and You

  • What is Life Insurance?

  • How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

  • Basic Types of Life Insurance

  • Things You Should Know

Women Approaching Retirement and Beyond

  • Understanding Women and Money

  • Understanding Divorce and Widowhood

  • Understanding Retirement and Estate Planning

  • Understanding Risk Management

Preparing for Long Term Care

  • What is Long Term Care, and Will You Need It?

  • Understanding Your Options

  • How Much Will It Cost?

  • What Will Medicare Cover?

Roth IRA… Another Tax Break for Americans

  • The Difference between a Traditional IRA and a Roth IRA

  • How Much Will It Cost

  • Converting to a Roth IRA: Retirement Income

  • Reasons to Consider a Roth IRA

I.D. Theft

  • How Does Identity Theft Affect You?

  • How Do They Get Personal Information?

  • Steps to Prevent Fraud

  • What To Do if You Are A Victim

Union Members… Securing Your Financial Peace of Mind

  • 6 Essential to Constructing a Financial Blueprint

  • Understanding a Budget

  • Understanding Retirement

  • Understanding Investing

Maximizing Mortgage Strategies

  • What is a Short Sale?

  • The Home Buying Flow Chart

  • Why Should You Refinance

  • Different Kinds of Loans

Preparing for Retirement After the Corona Virus

  • Important Questions to Consider After the Corona Virus

  • Retirement Income – The Sources

  • Factors Affecting Portfolio Results Before and After Retirement

  • Impacts to Panning for the Future

Stress and Your Health

  • What is Stress?

  • Overview of some Stress Statistics

  • Financial Stress and How to Overcome it

  • What you can do to Manage your Stress

Real Money – Real Estate

  • Issues of Real Estate

  • Money Saving Secrets

  • 8 Tips Every Buyer Should Know

  • 6 Deadly Sins To Avoid When Buying a Home


  • Understanding Medicare

  • Understand Part D for Prescriptions

  • Your Medicare Guaranteed Issue Rights

  • Learn about Guarantees that will disappear

  • Find out what happens to your Retiree Coverage

  • Medicare Supplement vs. Medicare Advantage

The U.S. Housing Crisis

  • What To Do If You Are Upside Down On Your Loan

  • Home Retention Options

  • Short Sale Information

  • Home Selling Flow Chart

Understanding Critical Disability Issues

  • What Are Your Chances of Being Disabled?

  • Determining The Need for Coverage

  • Where Can You Find Financial Protection?

  • Ways to Get Coverage

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