SOFA members, pledge in their membership to provide time, going out in their communities to promote SOFA, to conduct "topic-specific" seminar workshops drawn from their personal qualifications and credentials presenting to individuals, companies, and organizations.

SOFA provides multiple avenues for consumers to experience a SOFA seminar and engage the services of our SOFA members. SOFA's format is presented in two easy to administer scenarios:

A) One choice is, many of our workshops offer a brown bag "lunch and learn" format, usually presented at companies and organizations. These are typically conducted in a conference room, fellowship hall, or common gathering place. The sponsoring company or organization may wish to provide food or refreshments, it's strictly an option that is provided by the host. SOFA members are considered an invited guest, thus, not responsible for any associated costs with that company or organization who is hosting the promoted event. All content and promotional pieces (flyers and handouts) are provided to the host (by the guest SOFA member) for dispersal to their people three weeks in advance.

B) The other method is when our members choose a lunch or dinner seminar format that they elect to promote, sponsor, provide food/refreshments, and any and all costs associated with marketing the workshops to the invited attendees. These dinner seminars may be conducted in restaurants, hotels, or public libraries.

SOFA is a 501(c)(3) non profit public benefit corporation established to provide and promote financial education to it's seminar attendees. Through our "public forum" workshops, SOFA creates three basic opportunities:

1) For the Hosting Companies/Organizations:
• An hour of enjoyment, enlightenment, and information which may very possibly raise the morale of the attendees.
• Position themselves, by hosting these seminar events, in an environment of providing value to their attendees.
• By inviting the SOFA speaker in to share their wisdom, knowledge, and experiences to their people, these workshops can provide a possible needed resource that the attendee may find quite helpful in their own personal financial journey.

2) For the Seminar Attendees:
• A feeling of confidence and empowerment after learning about key financial concepts and principles within the vast realm of financial literacy.
• The opportunity to enjoy an uplifting, fast-paced, informational hour, conducted by a licensed professional who is "on-point" through his or her personal knowledge and experience sharing both to the attendee.
• By attending SOFA seminars (with various topics and different speakers) the attendee may wish to pursue a meeting with a no obligation review. Further, depending on the needs, priorities, and time, both parties in the consultation do possess the right and opportunity to create a business relationship or transact business between them.

3) For the SOFA Member/Presenter:
• Each Member may participate, at their choosing of time, place, and topic, to create a "forum" experience to a given audience, allowing themselves the public exposure they seek to create to interested attendees of their workshops, demonstrating their knowledge, experience, and expertise of their profession.
• By regularly conducting SOFA workshops, the SOFA member allows themselves to "give back" in a professional manner of sharing what they know with the attendees, of the many workshops, in that speaker's community.
• Through the seminar dynamic: topic, presenter, attendee, a possible future working relationship may occur. Thus, hopefully both parties benefiting. The attendee/client fulfilling various financial needs.