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This past weekend Collier County Public Schools had the honor of having Ms. Marilyn Prevoir with Monamie Wealth & Retirement participate in our first annual Financial Wellness Fair. Ms. Prevoir was assigned to us after submitting an inquiry for a local speaker to present an educational workshop on investing.

The information Ms. Prevoir presented in our "Investing Basics workshop was well received by our employees. We have received positive feedback from our employees on the workshop content and Ms. Prevoir's presentation. She was a delight to have and her participation was greatly appreciated.

I would like to thank SOFA for providing such a beneficial service to our community through these educational workshops, and for working with professionals like Ms. Prevoir to help educate our employees. What an invaluable service!
It has been our pleasure to work with Walt Cameron, a representative of SOFA (The Society for Financial Awareness), in holding money management and financial planning seminars for our employees.

Walt Cameron comes with a plethora of knowledge and many years of experience in the field of finance, and has been very helpful in educating our employees in various aspects of money management. He is a very engaging speaker, loaded with energy and enthusiasm.

We appreciate our relationship with Mr. Cameron, and look forward to receiving more education and knowledge as he lends his expertise in financial matters.
I have had the privilege of working with the Society for Financial Awareness and Jim Toddy since July of 2014. Our public library staff wanted to expand its offerings of engaging, valuable programs for adults, especially in the area of financial literacy. After looking at other libraries and contacting SOFA, we were put in touch with Jim Toddy.

At every part of the process, Jim has acted with integrity, professionalism, and a wealth of knowledge. He understood that our adult programs were in a formative stage and was very willing to assist us with outreach. Jim always acted within the boundaries of our guidelines for presenters, yet was open to providing extra attention to those with specific questions. His audience grew, and has brought in repeat attendees. Today, Mr. Toddy’s programs remain a much-appreciated aspect of our adult programming menu.

We have been very glad to work with Jim Toddy and SOFA over the past months, and look forward to continuing his programming series.
Many thanks to you and your father, George, for the Retirement and Estate Planning Strategies Workshop you conducted at the Acton Council on Aging yesterday.

We had such a large audience for a daytime program and many attendees commented on how useful the information was and how it gave them a lot to think about. You both were so patient in answering questions, even from those who interrupted you! We appreciate how you explain complicated things in a way that is easy to understand and give a lot of real-life examples from your client experiences that people can relate to. We felt reassured by the fact that you were here as part of SOFA’s speakers bureau as so often people who present on financial subjects are trying to sell something or aggressively gather new clients.

Thank you again and hope you will return in the future for another presentation!
Thank you on behalf of the Londonderry Senior Center and the seniors who were present for your workshop on retirement planning strategies. The presentation was well attended and very informative. The seniors found the information helpful and greatly appreciated your interpretation and down to earth style of educating them. I would highly recommend that others attend this “education, no selling” workshop.
I’m writing to thank you and your father, George, for the informative (and fun!) presentation you gave last week on New Retirement Planning Strategies here at the Concord Council on Aging.

We had an excellent turn out for the event, and I appreciated the time you and your father took to answer all of the questions our seniors had for you. You were able to convey fairly sophisticated financial planning concepts in a manner that folks with no financial background were able to understand. At times the topic was, by necessity, somewhat depressing – end of life planning, wills, beneficiaries – but you were able to keep the conversation light while giving those in attendance the information they needed.

Many of the people who attended the presentation made a point of thanking me for inviting you here to speak. I want to add my thanks to you both for delivering such an informative presentation!
I wanted to thank you for holding your New Retirement Planning Strategies Workshop here at the Library. The workshop was well attended, and I could tell the audience enjoyed listening to you. You both have a low key style that relaxes people and makes it easier for them to understand the information that you want to convey. Planning for retirement is a topic that people need to learn about and can never get enough of. Thank you again.
My office recently had a Financial Education Seminar presented by the Senior Security Corporation. The session was very well organized with the presenters impressively knowledgeable.

The seminar's content was in-arguably valuable with topics unmistakably pertinent to the variety of age groups and life situations of the audience with the majority of attendees agreeing to follow-up for both further education and advice from Senior Security Corporation.

I would highly recommend them to others.
On behalf of ERRG employees, I wanted to thank you for your presentation on becoming fiscally fit. ERRG strives towards providing employees with tools and resources for their well-being. Your workshop was one of these tools that will help employees and in making them aware on what steps they must take for their long-term financial well-being.

Thank you once again for your insightful presentation.
On behalf of Legal Services for Children, I would like to thank SOFA and specifically our speaker Greg Bernhardt, for a wonderful seminar offered to our staff on March 7, 2012. Greg presented on the subject "Getting Fiscally Fit". We received very good feedback about this seminar from our staff.

Thank you for providing us this opportunity. A special thank you to Greg for volunteering his time, we would love to have him back for more seminars.
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