Our SOFA members, utilizing their credentials and personal qualifications, donate time in the community conducting no-cost, no obligation financial seminar workshops to individuals, companies, and organizations. Our seminars satisfy the Department of Labor's ERISA 404(c) Requirement for companies offering any type of defined contribution pension plan to employees.

We provide a wide range of enriching financial topics which have included: "Getting Fiscally Fit", "Financial Blunders", "Exploring Your Options for a Quality Retirement", to "Solving Debt", "College Planning", and many others. This "continuing" series format is designed for the yearning learning seminar attendee.

Our workshop content covers a wide variety of valuable "topic-specific" information meaningful to attendees. We conduct our seminars at no cost and no obligation to the attendees. Though these workshops may generically introduce various types of financial products to enlighten the attendee on their proper purpose, it is the relevant intent of each speaker to keep the specific workshop informative, entertaining, and educational to the attendee at all times.