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David Tauzin

1340 West Tunnel Blvd, Suite 560





Financial Educator

About Me
Workshops Offered

Allocation & Modern Portfolio Theory
College Planning
Estate Planning
Exploring Your Options for a Quality Retirement
Getting Fiscally Fit
First Time Home Buyers
Getting Your Financial House in Order
Social Security Explained
Investing Basics for Women
Investment Concerns in a Fragile Market
Issues of Aging Parents
Taking Control of your Cash - Eliminating Debt
Refining your Mortgage 101
Strategies for a Sustainable Income in Retirement
Tax Planning
Understanding 401k Rollovers
Women Approaching Retirement and Beyond
Federal Employee Benefits

David Tauzin is representing the South Louisiana Chapter.
He is dedicated to providing financial education on dozens of topics. David has
been conducting financial education workshops for more than 5 years in libraries
and other venues all over Louisiana.

David J. Tauzin, is the President of Tauzin Retirement Resources.

Since starting his career 20 years ago, David has expanded his services to include both insurance and financial services. His main focus is working with pre-retirees and retirees to build a financial plan that may enable them to enjoy retirement the way they have envisioned it.

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