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Jeff Holland

1201 A Hope St.

Los Angles




Benefit Advisor

About Me
Workshops Offered

Allocation & Modern Portfolio Theory
Estate Planning
Exploring Your Options for a Quality Retirement
Getting Fiscally Fit
First Time Home Buyers
Financial Blunders
Getting Your Financial House in Order
Social Security Explained
I.D. Theft
Investment Concerns in a Fragile Market
Issues of Aging Parents
How to Increase Your Health and Wellness
Legal Lessons for Life
Maximizing the Right Mortgage Strategies in Todays Market
Taking Control of your Cash - Eliminating Debt
Restoring your Life after COVID 19
Refining your Mortgage 101
Strategies for a Sustainable Income in Retirement
Stress and Your Health
Tax Planning
The U.S. Housing Crisis
Understanding 401k Rollovers
Understanding Critical Disability Issues
Women Approaching Retirement and Beyond
You and Your Credit Score
Debt Elimination
Fighting Fraud in the Workplace and in Real Life
Understanding Insurance and Beware of Fraud

A serial entrepreneur with an educational background in Business management and Law. Over 14 years of financial experience and literacy. My personal mission is to be there till you retire and beyond. With a focus on high ethics and unwavering commitment to educate and inform about retirement and benefits.

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