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Mike Dyal, MBA, FIC

14410 Bel-Red Rd. Suite 110




Educator. Tax & Estate Planner

About Me
Workshops Offered

SHRM. Life after COVID. Zero Tax. Estate Planning. Social Security. Tax Savings for Businesses. Employee Benefits. Getting Fiscally Fit. First Time Home Buyers. College Planning. Legal Lessons for Life. Budgeting. Financial Blunders. Changing World of Retirement.

As a Tax & Estate Consultant I help Business Owners and their employees. Our free non profit educational services are tailored to business owners and HR professionals (SHRM courses) to educate on how to lower your taxes and increase income. I do all of this with an ambitious results approach and boutique-concierge service.
My clients come to me when they:
✔ They need help with their 401(k)
✔ Want better Tax Management
✔ They want more income & less taxes
✔ They need help with their Estate Planning
✔ Want to make sure they are on track for retirement
The landscape has change for Business Owners & their employees and my clients are tired of putting all of their energy into: trying to keep up with the laws and tax changes.
❌ Not knowing what will happen to their 401(k) if the market crashes
❌ Not understanding their retirement plan
❌ Concerned with if their money will last
❌ Confused by higher taxes
❌ Not having a tax and estate plan
Within just a few months of tax and estate management, they’re frequently able to:
🎯 Feel at ease with a plan they can rely on
🎯 Know exactly what they need to do to retire when; and how
🎯 Feel confidence their estate plan will provide ease and peace of mind
🎯 Know what steps will lower their taxes
🎯 Increase income
How can I come alongside you and lower taxes/increase income?
You’re in the business of helping people.
Yet you spend the bulk of your time managing your work and not nearly enough energy focusing on the lasting benefits of tax management.
That’s where I come into play.
I am here to solve that for you.
If you’re ready to be at ease then I invite you to send me a message here on LinkedIn or schedule a quick 15-minute introductory call where we can chat about your specific education needs.
Here’s my calendar:

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