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Steven Yager

41000 West Seven Mile Road, Suite 250





Financial Scientist

About Me
Workshops Offered

Estate Planning
Issues of Aging Parents
How to Increase Your Health and Wellness
Legal Lessons for Life
Taking Control of your Cash - Eliminating Debt
Restoring your Life after COVID 19
Strategies for a Sustainable Income in Retirement
Stress and Your Health
Tax Planning
Understanding 401k Rollovers
Women Approaching Retirement and Beyond

Steven Yager

Financial Scientist

Founder of Yager & Associates

In December of 2021 when 417 Doctors and Nurses lost their jobs because their Religious Exemptions were denied, Steven Yager brought in 3 Law Firms and within 40 days these Healthcare workers were given their jobs back.

Steven’s Discipline is Bio-Physics

In March of 2020 he founded YagerBomb Scientific.

His Team assisted over 300,000 people around the world to Full recovery from COVID-19 and its Variants.

Steven has personally assisted over 200 people to full recovery.
Only 2 of those people later suffered from the symptoms long haul COVID.
Of those 2, the longest fully recovered in only 6 months.

Mr. Yager’s Passion is Financial, Legal, and Tax
…and God.

Mr. Yager’s Passion is:
and the Holy Spirit.

Have a Blessed Day

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