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Vicki Joern

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I started my career as an engineer in the Oil & Gas industry but didn’t feel I was achieving what I wanted to; I realized I wanted to have more of a personal impact through personal relationships and helping others than what I was accomplishing in the engineering industry.

Have you ever had an “aha moment” that has changed the direction of your life? Well that's what happened to me. Let me share a major “aha moment” which changed mine. In the late 90's my spouse and I visited a financial advisor for a review. We both worked and drove long distances, had 3 young children, and didn't have any more time in our schedules to take care of our financial futures. We needed help. The Advisor met with us but never once addressed or acknowledge me, my concerns, or asked if I had any questions during our meeting; I mean his meeting with my spouse. I was mortified and insulted! What if I lost my husband, he was disabled, we both lost our jobs; could I provide for him and / or our family?Could I pay the mortgage or stop working to take care of my spouse or a disabled child? My take-away when I left the meeting was “If he treats me this way, how does he treat other women?”.

I made a major career change so I can help women and their families not have to work with Advisors like this. I don’t want women or others to experience “feeling” left out or undervalued in their finances, whether married, single, widowed, or divorced. Life is too short to be looking in from the outside of a relationship much less than a financial relationship. Everyone have so much on their plates why make it more complicated? This is why I love what I do, helping others to navigate their financial futures confidently.

Vicki Joern is a registered investment adviser representative with Impact Partnership Wealth, LLC, an SEC registered investment adviser.

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